What funding can be applied for to implement the system at schools?

The overall technology package, the combination of hardware and software as well as suitable didactically coordinated VR learning content in the sense of the media development plan, can be funded up to 90% by the Digitalpact Schule. The federal government will provide the funds for this until 2024. Applications can be submitted via the company.

The Federal Republic of Germany has launched a digital pact for the digitization of over 40,000 schools in the 16 federal states in 2019 and has made over 5.5 billion euros available. A further two billion euros or so have been set aside for equipping schools with tablets and laptops. With the help of this digital pact, the German government wants to ensure that the digitized infrastructure at German schools is improved and promoted.

Realization made easy -
One contact for all essential areas

The company VRScience Lerntechnologie offers an all-in-one package for implementation at the school. It is the contact for all essential areas required for implementation at the school and thus accelerates and optimizes the start in an efficient, targeted and cost-effective manner. Three essential cornerstones support the implementation:


  • Support with procurement
  • Provision of hardware and software
  • Instruction of the teaching staff and support of the hardware and software

Virtual Reality Ecosystem

VR Ecosystem Icon School

In order to smoothly integrate the use of VR technology with our VR learning sequences as software and the hardware into everyday school life, we have developed the VR ecosystem. Many things need to be considered and solved before the deployment in classrooms can be started:

VR Ecosystem Icon EMA

The Federal Government's Digital Pact promotes investment, and it is essential to submit a media development plan for this purpose. This is extensive, time-consuming and must contain a technical-pedagogical and didactical application concept. Our solution: the media development plan application wizard EMA, which makes the creation and formulation of the application simple.

VR Ecosystem Icon Application Plan

And very practical questions: e.g. How you organize the use of the headsets and in which class are they currently needed? Our solution: we have developed the VR-Planner, quasi the "timetable for the VR headsets". You can see at a glance who is currently using the VR headsets, in which room they are used and when they are still free.

VR Ecosystem Icon Teacher

Or: How do I charge a class set of 32 VR glasses at the same time, how do I bring the VR headsets safely to the next classroom? Our solution: you receive our VR headsets at the same time with a transport/loading case. After class, they are stored here again and charged at the same time. The transport from classroom to classroom is safe.

Netzwerk Grafik zur Verdeutlichung der Infrastruktur

Support in procurement

As a contact partner for all essential areas, the company VRScience Lerntechnologie provides support primarily through short channels of cooperation, for example with the schools, school boards, state education authorities, the Ministry of Education and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The company handles the application process and assists in the creation of a suitable media development concept.


This ensures that the application process with the schools is correct. The experience that is bundled here enables the schools to implement and realize the project in a timely manner.

The school digital pact is coming

When is the technology available?

Technology deployment takes place in three phases:


Phase 1:
The application process, concept development, and submission of media development plans.


Phase 2:
The installation of the hardware in the schools


Phase 3:
The integration of the software with VR learning content. This phase will be an ongoing process as learning content will receive updates at regular intervals. This will be done in a very simple way. New content will be added to the learning content on a regular basis as well. All curricula will be analysed for possible implementation for the VR headsets. This will enable schools and teachers to work with all learning sequences and learning content up to date.

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